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Hello from Me & Niamh!


So.. I have been meaning to get this blog rolling for a long time. However with how busy the business and life in general has been it always been at the bottom of the list!

I wanted to do a quick introduction post so if you haven’t met me on social media then you know who I am !


Im Katy, mommy to Niamh, and currently 32 weeks pregnant with baby number two!

Im the designer and maker of all things pretty & practical, thankfully with help from my mum!

I started designing and making in January 2018, and 18 months later were just getting busier, which is fantastic!


I started Niamhs Neverland during my second year of University! Thankfully i graduated in May 2019, with a First Class Honours.


This now gives me much more time to run the business, while taking Niamh to school and watching baby number two grow up!


The best place to keep in touch with me is via social media!

Facebook –

Instagram –

You can also email me on or complete the contact form 🙂


Me & Niamh <3



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